Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favorites, 5.20.11

Hello hello! It's time for another edition of my Friday Favorites. :)

A few days ago, Jeanne, the Adirondack Baker, presented me with a Versatile Blogger Award. Go on over to her page to read about it! Super fun. Thanks, Jeanne!

In honor of receiving this lovely, virtual blogging award, I wanted to be a responsible award recipient and do the same thing Jeanne did, which is to list 7 things about myself and 15 blogs that I love that also deserve this Versatile Blogger Award. So, here goes!
Hope you enjoy. :)

Seven facts about me:

1) Barbershop is one of my nicknames. My last name is Barber, so that gives you an idea of how Barbershop came into existence. ;-)

2) I like to run. I'm running my first full marathon in October!

3) I attended Skidmore College in upstate NY for my undergraduate degree and UMass Boston for my Master's degree.

4) I am coming up to my 7-year (SEVEN!!) anniversary of working at the VA hospital in Boston (my first day of work there was June 1st, 2004, very soon after graduating college). I cannot believe it.

5) Family family family. My family is so important to me!

6) I'm traveling to the island of Kauai this summer, and it will be my second time there. I am super excited!

7) And a fun, completely random fact about me to end on...  On a typical weekday, I wake up at 5:55 AM. Why 5:55? Well, 15 was my field hockey number in college, and anytime I see a time on the clock that adds up to 15, I get excited. So I set my alarm for 5:55 because 5 + 5 + 5 = 15.

 Random last one there, huh? ;-)


Fifteen blogs that I love to read (in no particular order!):

1) Adirondack Baker

2) Annie's Eats

3) Eats Well With Others

4) The Cooking Photographer

5) Closet Cooking

6) Daily Garnish

7) Brown Eyed Baker

8) Sugarcrafter

9) Our Best Bites

10) Bakers' Banter (the King Arthur Flour blog)

11) Lovin' From the Oven

12) Vanilla Sugar

13) Kath Eats Real Food

14) Intuitive Nourishment and Health (formerly LiveWellFitNow)

15) Mike's Imbibations

There you have it! And here are a few pictures to show you a preview of coming attractions at the Barbershop... Happy almost weekend, friends!


  1. (a) Thank you SO much for the award! I always love coming here...definitely one of the highlights of my day!

    (b) Which marathon are you running?

    (c) I wake up at 5:55 also! We are wake-up twins!

  2. 1) You are very welcome! Love reading your blog :)
    2) This one:
    I'm excited!
    3) How fun!

  3. Aww, thank you so much for the award! You have a lovely blog too...I just added it to my Google Reader! :-)