Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday Favorites, 5.6.11

Friiiiiday. It's finally here. There's something special about Friday this week though. It's my sister Melissa's birthday!!!! So in honor of my lovely sister, I'm going to share a few of her favorites sweet treats with you. :)

1) Homemade apple pie! As long as I can remember, my sister has always requested a homemade apple pie for her birthday instead of cake. We loooove apple pie in our family. Although I don't have a recipe for apple pie to share with you on the blog (yet), I will share my grandmother's homemade pie crust with you!

2) Maple! Melissa loves anything maple flavored... And if you're going to have maple syrup, pure maple syrup (especially from New England :)), is obviously the best! I'll be heading to visit my sister this Saturday and will be bringing her some MAPLE snickerdoodles that I just made. The recipe for these will be shared with you soon, I promise! I used maple syrup from upstate New York, where we're from, in these delicious cookies.

3) White chocolate! Melissa is most definitely the biggest fan of white chocolate I know. I've never made white chocolate mousse, but I found this recipe for it, and I think it may just have to go on my Barbershop to-do list! :)

Here is one of the most recent pictures of Melissa and me. This was taken after we completed our second half marathon together back in February in California. :)

Love you, sista! Happy birthday!!!


  1. Aww cute round up and happy birthday to your sister! I think both those maple cookies and that white chocolate mousse need to make an appearance in my life. Stat.

  2. Fun list! That white chocolate mousse is making my mouth water!

  3. Thank you, sista!! Love you too! A wonderful sister who bakes too - what more could a girl want?! :-)

  4. Hurry, hurry, post that maple cookie recipe! Want! NEED!

  5. I will try to post the maple snickerdoodle recipe soon :) Been a busy week!