Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chocolates and Mother's Day!

Chocolate and Mother's Day practically go hand in hand! And that's why I thought I'd use today to 1) Wish all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day - most especially my own amazing mother!! and 2) Highlight a local event I recently went to that had the most divine chocolates...

Last week I attended a great chocolate and wine event hosted by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston. The event was held in South Boston at a great business, the Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe. Before this event I had never heard of this cafe, but boy am I glad that I know about it now! It was awesome!!

As part of the event, we were lucky enough to sample two delicious chocolates of our choice. My, was it hard to decide! There were so many chocolates to choose from. I spent so long deciding on my two! 

Check out some of the descriptions of the different chocolates/truffles in the pictures below...
(You can click on the picture to enlarge it too so it's easier to read the descriptions that way)

How unique are all these flavors?!

And also, how beautiful are these? I just couldn't get over the artistry in these chocolates! The names were super unique too. :)

After quite some time, I finally chose the Irish Eyes and Green With Envy. The Irish Eyes, pictured above, was a Bailey's Irish cream infused ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate. What can I say? I'm an Irish gal and just couldn't resist the option with Bailey's.

And the Green With Envy was a pistachio gianduja layered with a vanilla bean ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate. Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors, and this truffle did not disappoint. Holy cow!

I actually had beer, not wine, even though it was a chocolate and wine event. Go figure. You know me and my love for beer!! They were offering some so I couldn't pass it up. :)


Amazingly delicious!

I loved both chocolates that I got.

Now, I couldn't very well leave empty handed and not bring home a couple truffles for Mike, now could I? Lucky for him, I remembered him :) and brought home two, the Citrus Kiss and Beanie. He loves grand marnier and coffee (not necessarily together ;)) so I thought these two flavors were perfect. And he loved 'em!

They are just so pretty!

For those of you living in/near Boston, I highly recommend you check out Blue Tierra. It is a fabulous find! It'd be a perfect place to get unique, delicious chocolates for a special occasion or event. And who doesn't love supporting a local business that's "doing good" for the environment and community?

To my own wonderful mother, grandmother, and future mother-in-law, as well as all my other family and friends who are mothers, I wish you all a restful, enjoyable, special Mother's Day! You all deserve nothing but the best!!!

Oh, and I'm sending all of you some virtual chocolates for Mother's Day, okay? :)

♥ ♥ ♥

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