Thursday, May 31, 2012

Treat Thursday!

It's Treat Thursday! 

Do any of you know the Hallmark characters, Hoops and Yoyo? I looove them. They are the cutest little things! And they're hilarious too. I'm a huge fan of sending e-cards, and Hallmark's Hoops and Yoyo cards are some of my favorites. There's one e-card in particular where Hoops and Yoyo celebrate "Tuesday Treat Day." It's super cute (you should check it out :)). I didn't want to completely steal the idea, so I'm changing it oh-so-slightly and bringing you Treat Thursday... So clever, right? Haha.

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Things have been a little slow lately for me in the kitchen, so in lieu of a more traditional blog post that involves a recipe, I wanted to share with you three treats that I've been lovin' lately. I tend to go in phases with treats or snacks that I enjoy; they last a few weeks, and then I change it up and go for something new. Here's what I'm currently enjoying...

1) Cereal and Milk!

You might be thinking, cereal and milk? What kind of treat is that? Well, it's nothing super special, I realize, but it's what I've been eating lately most days after work as a snack! Two of my current favorites are pictured below. YUM! A bowl of cereal and milk (I usually do 1% organic milk or light vanilla soy milk) is the perfect snack to tide me over until dinner, and it's a great way to get in a serving of dairy for the day. Oh, and it makes me feel like a kid again which is always fun. :)

Oh, and eating cereal from a mug totally makes it taste better.

Love these little cookies! Lately I've been eating a few (maybe 8 or 10) after lunch at work for dessert. They're the perfect chocolate treat to end a meal (but you don't feel too guilty about eating them!). I love how the package specifies that they're for people too. :) They also come in cinnamon flavor. One serving of about 15 cookies is just 110 calories. Not too bad at all!

3) Peanut Butter, Banana, and Pumpkin Butter Sandwiches!

These are my new love. I have always loved the peanut butter and banana combo (I may have mentioned that a few times here on the blog!), but recently I decided to kick it up a notch by adding some pumpkin butter! My current pumpkin butter favorite is this pecan pumpkin butter by Muirhead Foods. Delicious! I keep the amount of pumpkin butter light though, don't worry. The process of making one of these sandwiches is quite simple - some peanut butter on one slice of bread topped with some banana slices (usually half a banana), and a small amount of pumpkin butter on the other slice of bread. I bet this would be really yummy grilled too...

These little sandwiches have been my go-to breakfast this week. A great way to start my day!

What are some of your favorite treats or snacks? Oh, and don't worry; many of my typical snacks also involve lots of fruits and veggies. I don't only eat cereal, peanut butter, and chocolate cats all the time. :)

Happy Thursday, friends!

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