Friday, May 4, 2012

An Unexpected Kitchen "Disaster" and Cupcake Camp!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! That was me, yelling to you. Hope you heard me. :)

I had intended to have a yummy recipe for you today, but alas, last evening I had a slight kitchen disaster. I should really use that term loosely though because, honestly, it wasn't a disaster. But it was an unexpected situation that thwarted my cooking plans!

I was on my own for dinner last night, so I planned to make a super easy dinner for myself of a nice, large salad packed with veggies (one of my fav things ever!) and a baked egg in a roasted tomato (a recipe from Whole Living). 

(photo source)

Well, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but when I went to take the glass dish (in which the tomato was roasting) out of the oven, I put it on the stove top and it made a super loud POP noise and broke into pieces! I was quite startled, I have to say. Yikes! Thankfully no glass "got me" but it was all over the stove top, counter, and floor...

Here's a quick pic I snapped with my phone.

I suppose it happened due to a change in temperature but it's still quite surprising. I've used that Pyrex glass dish so many times without any trouble, doing the same thing I did tonight...baking something and then resting it on top of the stove. However, I did just do a little research on Pyrex's site and they recommend that you always place a hot Pyrex dish on a towel or cloth potholder. Guess I'll be doing that from now on! They also say to add water to the bottom of the pan if cooking vegetables. I've never had a problem not doing that in the past, but again, something to think about in the future!

Anyway, sadly, I didn't get to eat my egg in a tomato. :(  I was tempted to still try to eat the tomato, but then I got nervous about there potentially being glass in the tomato... So I just ended up having my salad for dinner. No problemo! Hopefully I'll still make the baked eggs in roasted tomatoes another time to share with you!

Now, onto the second item of business today. Cupcake Camp! What?! Camp for Cupcakes?? Yes. Well, kinda sorta... Just this week I found out about this cool event happening in Boston in a couple weeks, on May 21st, called Cupcake Camp. Essentially, it appears to be an event where you can drool over tons of cupcakes made by both professional and amateur bakers. NEAT!! Oh, and you do get to eat some too, not to worry. :)

(photo source)

I thought it might be fun to register to bring some cupcakes as an amateur baker... What do you think?! Should I? Registration closes this Sunday, May 6th, so I have to decide soon. I don't have time to try a new recipe before then, so if I register, I'll have to put down that I'm making a recipe I've made before. In looking over my previous cupcake recipes here on the blog, I think I've narrowed it down to my three favorites that are always big hits when I make them, and I've listed them below.

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes (I'd make them with either Kahlua or Bailey's frosting)

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes (I'd make them with either Kahlua or Bailey's frosting)

I would love your opinion as to which flavor I should make!! If you would be so kind, please leave me a comment telling me which one I should bring. Thanks!!! I don't think it's an actual contest or anything. I think it's just a place to showcase your own baked goods and try some delicious cupcakes from other talented bakers!

Boston area friends and bakers, you should look into going too - either as an attendee (it's only $5!) or a baker! And let me know if you sign up to go! :)

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