Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: Our First Dance & Parent Dances

For this Wedding Wednesday post, I thought it would be fun to share some photos of our first dance as husband and wife, as well as of our parents dances - Mike and his mom and my dad and me. :)

We chose to do our dance immediately upon our entrance to the reception. We kind of wanted to "get it over with" before the rest of the fun!

Before the wedding, Mike and I took 4 or 5 lessons at Extreme Dancesport in Cambridge (and practiced a lot on our own!). Our teacher was great! We did not choreograph our dance, but we did learn a couple different spins/turns and moves that we incorporated into our dance. We were nervous going into it, but in the end, it went quite well! We received many compliments from our guests and we were very pleased overall with our first dance as husband and wife.

We chose the song "Lovely Tonight" by Joshua Radin. It's a song that Mike and I have both loved for a while, and we've seen Joshua Radin a couple times in concert too, as he is a favorite artist of ours. If you listen to the song, you'll hear that the lyrics are also quite fitting for a first wedding dance!

A few of my favorite photos from our dance...

This first one cracks me up. :) Mike's getting ready for the big dance!

Next up was my dance with my dad!

After considering many different songs, we chose to dance to a great song by Nancy Sinatra, "It's For My Dad." Just like "Lovely Tonight" fit for my and Mike's dance, "It's For My Dad" was a perfect fit for my dad and me. I just love the lyrics! And it wasn't your "typical" song choice, which we liked.

A few photos from our father-daughter dance. ♥

 And last but not least, we have Mike and his mom! They chose to dance to a lovely song by Lady Antebellum, "Never Alone." Again, this wasn't a traditional song choice, but it was a perfect one for the occasion. And Mike and his mom, Linda (now my mother-in-law! :)) had a wonderful dance together.

A few photos of their beautiful mother-son dance... ♥

Looking back at these photos brings me so much joy. These dances are such a beautiful symbol for the love that we all have for one another. Mike and I are truly blessed to have found each other, and we are also incredibly blessed to have such amazing parents...and now, in-laws! Below are a couple more pictures of us with my parents and Mike's parents - some pretty awesome people. :)

See you on Friday for a new recipe!!

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