Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: Bridesmaid Dresses & My Girls :)

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday! I missed my post last week, but this week I'm back in action. :)

I was so fortunate to have three beautiful ladies by my side on our wedding day in November. From left  to right in the picture above, there is my college friend Kristen, my sister and maid of honor, Melissa, and my cousin Megan. All very special, wonderful ladies!!

Back when we were engaged and in the midst of wedding planning (which, honestly, feels like ages ago now!), I had a lot of fun browsing tons and tons of different styles of bridesmaid dresses online. My oh my, there are so many choices out there! In the end, the gals and I shopped together in person (so glad we could all go together!) at Alfred Angelo and David's Bridal. The style we went with was from Alfred Angelo (this style). 

I knew I wanted a dress that was burgundy in color, but I wasn't sure about the length... There was another dress at David's Bridal that actually had very similar details/style on the top, but it was tea length, not full length, like the ones we ended up going with. In the end, I slightly preferred the full length dresses (it felt more like a "November" dress and it would keep the girls a tad warmer than a shorter style would), and I also loved the detail on the back of these dresses (which the David's Bridal dress did not have).

So pretty and elegant...

For shoes, I asked the girls to wear silver, but they chose whichever style they wanted. The day before the wedding we all went to get pedicures together, and I love that they all chose the same toenail color - one that would match their dresses! :)

I thought that the ladies looked beautiful in their dresses, but let's be serious, they would look beautiful in any dress! :)

Walking up the steps to the church, with my favorites by my side...

Looking back at photos and thinking about memories of the day, I am very happy with our choice for the bridesmaid dresses. The style and color really fit the whole day, the setting, the time of year, etc. so well, I thought...

I'm not sure what was said in this picture below, but clearly, someone said something funny! This was right after the ceremony after we exited the church. Love it.

Our wedding day was quite cool (in the mid-30's, 40 degrees tops), and it was also very windy, which made it feel much cooler! Everyone in our bridal party was a trooper though and withstood the cool temperatures and winds for our photo session outside. They are the best!

Mike and I are very blessed to have such special friends and family in our lives... ♥

The gals were smart and brought coats out to the photo shoot to warm up when they could!

And in case anyone is interested, the groomsmen's tuxes were from Men's Wearhouse. They were able to match the ladies' dresses perfectly!

You can really tell it was windy in this photo below. Phew! I love this photo though and our dresses blowing in the wind... It helps me maintain vivid memories of how special our day was and all the wonderful emotions that come with it. :)

As a gift to the girls, I gave each of them the chance to make their own purse/handbag at 1154 Lill Studio in Boston. If you haven't heard of Lill before, you have to check it out! I am in love with this company and their bags. You can go to their store (they have store locations in Boston and Chicago) to design your bag, or you can design your bag online. They have so many different shapes, sizes, and styles of bags and endless fabrics! It is such a fun experience to design your own bag. I may or may not have a few Lill bags of my own that I've designed over the years... I have a thing for bags. ;)

I'm glad we were able to snap a photo of all of us and the bags we designed for the wedding day!

 So there you have it, a look at the bridesmaid dresses and my beautiful, special bridesmaids! Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Wedding Wednesday. :)

Will have another recipe for you at the end of the week!!

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