Friday, December 21, 2012

Boston Cookie Swap for a Cause!

 Happy almost weekend, friends! I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!

This time of year is all about family and friends...
...and food. :) 

This past weekend, I participated in a very cool event in Boston, Cookie Swap for a Cause. The event was hosted by Boston Food Swap, sponsored by Glad to Give campaign, and benefitted Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Phew! I'm tired just writing all that. 

What a great cause though, right?

For the event, I baked about 5 dozen cookies of two varieties - my pecan, cranberry, cinnamon chip cookies (always a huge hit!) and my maple snickerdoodles (a crowd favorite as well!).

At the event, tons of bakers brought their own homemade cookies, and Glad donated $1 for every cookie that was there! How cool is that?! And in all, the Boston Cookies Swap for a Cause raised over $4,200! So great. :)

Somehow I forgot to take many more picture of all the other cookies! A few of my friends also participated in the event, so we were chatting away pretty much the whole time, so I think I was just having too much fun catching up with them to take pics. Whoops!

There were several vendors at the event, giving out free samples of their products. Polar and Pretzel Crisps were two of them (I ate my fair share of Pretzel Crisps, I'll tell you that. ;) The everything flavor was my fav!). Check out these holiday flavors of Polar Seltzer... Mint Chocolate and Eggnog?! So fun! I only ended up trying the eggnog flavor, and boy, was it good! Surprisingly good. I know that an eggnog-flavored seltzer water sounds bizarre, but trust me on this one.

K, back to talking about cookies.

All attendees were able to take home a ton of cookies, and I had two Gladware containers (this size) of delicious treats! 

Not a bad haul.

All in all, this was a really fun, great event, and I would definitely do it again next year. Thanks to all the awesome folks who organized it!

You can view more pictures of the event here and here too, if you'd like.

Happy weekend before Christmas to you all! 

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