Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Monster Smoothie!

Green Monster Smoothie?! I bet you're wondering what this is... Well, let me share! Remember my last post about the various sources of inspiration for my recipes? Well, a wonderful friend of mine, Jenn, was the inspiration for this one. :) Jenn is studying to be a wellness coach, and she is such a good fit for this career! She is incredibly positive, friendly, motivated, and encouraging...and just an all around great person. Jenn recently began a blog, "Livewellfit" that goes along with her new career goal of helping people in the realms of wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Check it out!
Anyway, onto this Green Monster thing because I know you're curious... One of Jenn's recent posts on her blog was about this smoothie recipe that she loves, so I just had to give it a shot!
Before telling you more, I'm going to list the ingredients for you, as they are posted on Livewellfit's Blog.
-1 cup almond milk (or any type of milk)
-4 to 6 cups spinach
-1 banana
-2 Tbsp. peanut butter (the key ingredient, according to Jenn!)
-ice cubes
Essentially, all you have to do is blend all of these ingredients together in your blender...then voila! You have an incredibly delicious and nutritious smoothie. It's true!
I tried it tonight and it is so darn good! Don't you love its great green color? I actually only made half the recipe, and I also used skim milk since I didn't have almond milk. I wanted to gulp down the whole thing right away! Seriously. But, I did have enough self restraint to save half of it to bring to work with me tomorrow morning for a breakfast treat. I guarantee you that I'll be thinking about drinking that smoothie from now until then too...I can't wait to get back to its deliciousness. Did I mention that the Green Monster is incredibly tasty?! Haha. It is! I would say that you can only barely taste the spinach too, barely. I would venture a guess that people who don't typically care for spinach would even like it! Here's a picture of me taking my first sip. Mmmmm, mmmm yummy and healthy!
Anyway, on a more serious note, you should definitely check out Jenn's blog. Her words are truly inspiring! And then you should make yourself a Green Monster. You (and your body) will be SO glad you did! :)


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the MONSTER!!!! Your body will love it too :)

  2. I just ate a slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner. My body is happy. Unfortunately there was no spinach on it. Just lots of cheese and pepperoni. Mmmmmm!

  3. Thank you, Jenn and sista! This sounds so good and healthy! :-) I really wish I had spinach in the house so I could make this right now - definitely getting it on my next shopping trip!

  4. I tried it tonight - SO good! It's surprisingly good, given its few ingredients. Also quite filling! Def a keeper. :-)

  5. Jen has been doing green smoothies for about a month and has collected quite a few various recipes. I'll pass this one along to her. She swears by them and has them every day.