Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oyster Snack Crackers

First of all, I must share this disclaimer: this recipe does not involve baking! There, I said it. :)
Last week I was grocery shopping, and I'm not sure why but I randomly was drawn to oyster crackers! It's like my shopping cart just abruptly stopped when I came to them in the aisle...really. Then I had a very vivid memory of these flavored oyster crackers that my mom used to make. So I picked up a couple bags of oyster crackers with the anticipation of trying to re-create the recipe she used to make! I didn't actually attempt to do so, however, without calling my mom first, of course. :)
Essentially, the recipe just involves shaking up some oyster crackers in a large ziploc bag with some oil and seasoning/spices. That is all! I mean, the clean up couldn't really be any easier...there's not even one dish involved! Well, I suppose if you actually take the time to measure your spices, you might create a dirty dish...but I didn't do that today. I "eyeballed" everything!
The following describes the recipe as I made it today:
I put a 12 oz. bag of oyster crackers in a gallon-size ziplock bag. Next, I added one package of dry Italian seasoning (the kind you use to make salad dressing). I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil in the bag, roughly about two or three tablespoons at first. You could probably also use any vegetable or canola oil as well. I closed the bag tightly and did the ol' shake, shake, shake!
After a close inspection, I decided that the crackers needed both more oil and seasoning... So I added probably a couple more tablespoons of oil and some other random spices, including garlic powder, a bit of chili powder, and another Italian-flavored dry spice mix that I had (probably had rosemary, garlic, etc. in it). I did this a few more times...shook the bag and then added a bit more oil and spices. So, I couldn't actually tell you true measurements for this recipe...sorry!
My mom told me that she used to add a packet of dry dressing mix (Italian or Ranch) as well as a couple tablespoons of dill weed. I didn't have any dill weed, so I did not add that...but I remember that it was very yummy back in the day when my mom used it!
Anyway, although this is not a baking recipe, I hope it's still acceptable to include with my blog. :) It's an incredibly tasty and oh so easy recipe! And who doesn't love a snack like that?!

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