Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chocolate Graham Toffee Treats

Hello and a belated Merry Christmas to you!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. :) I know I did! Love love love my time with family.

I have a very simple and incredibly tasty treat for you here - chocolate graham toffee treats! These were one item that I gave to my coworkers this year in the Barbershop goodie bags they all received (the other two items were peanut butter fudge and cranberry white chocolate cinnamon chip bars - those blog posts will be in the near future ;-)). The chocolate graham toffee treats were a big hit!! They take no time at all really. If you need to make a sweet treat in a flash, I'd recommend that you try these! A warning for you though: they are a bit addicting...

The recipe I followed can be found here. And as always, pictures for you. :)

I'd definitely recommend lining the pan with foil - makes it so much easier!

Finely chopped pecans, thanks to my mini chopper!

Butter and sugar brought to a boil on the stove...

Pecans, being mixed in.

Put it in the oven!

When it comes out of the oven, sprinkle chocolate chips on top. The recipe says 1 to 2 cups. I've made this recipe twice now and only used 1 cup both times. I thought that was plenty!

Let the chips melt and then spread the chocolate evenly.

I decided to sprinkle some Heath Bar toffee bits on mine too. :-D

The second time I made them I also put white sprinkles on them for a "snowy, wintery" look.

Betcha can't eat just one! However, I challenge you to only have one. Everything in moderation. ;-) I have a lot of people ask me how I stay slim and eat all the things I cook and bake. Well, I have to attribute that to self-control and exercise! I typically only have a taste or two of the yummy treats I make, and I run and exercise often. That's my secret. :-D

See ya again soon!!

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