Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The tragic events at the Boston marathon this past Monday seem completely surreal. I actually woke up on Tuesday morning and thought I had dreamt what had happened. Something like that couldn't possibly have happened in this wonderful city I've called home for almost 9 years. But, it did.

The outpouring of love and support that we've received as a city has been amazing. And I completely in awe of the countless, selfless acts of kindness and heroism that have emerged in the past couple days. Each time I read something negative online about the events, thankfully, I am also able to find numerous positive stories. I've always known that Boston is full of kind, generous, and amazing people, but the events of the past couple days have reaffirmed that. I feel incredibly lucky to be a resident of this fine, strong, spirited city.

My heart breaks for the victims of the tragedy - those who have lost lives, those who have been injured, and all of their friends and family. I hope that everyone who might read this blog is safe and able to find comfort during such a sad time. I am praying daily for those affected, and I hope they can find the strength and support they need. Thank you so much to the everyone who has shown support for our wonderful city. These events will only make our Boston family stronger, I know.

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