Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: My Parents' 1938 Chevy

As always, thanks for visiting my Wedding Wednesday series this week!

If you've seen some of my previous wedding posts (the links to each of them can be found here), you have already seen a few pictures of the 1938 Chevy that played a very special role in our wedding day. My dad drove me to the church in this car, and Mike and I rode to the reception in it as well (with my brother as our chauffeur!). What makes this car so special is that it's the same car in which my parents rode when they got married in 1979! My parents have owned this car for many years (they even sold it at one point but then bought it back because they loved it so much!), so it is obviously very special to our family. Mike and I feel so lucky to have ridden in it on our wedding day, just like my parents did 33 years earlier. :)

I thought it would be fun to share several pictures of the car with you in one of my Wedding Wednesdays posts.

Proud papa with the beloved car!

I like the black and white versions of a lot of these photos - makes them feel more vintage, like the car. The car is, after all, 75 years old! :)

We live about two minutes from my hometown church where our ceremony was held. This photo of the car's clock was taken on our way to the ceremony. We were right on time for the 1:00 start. ;)

View of my girls from inside the car as we arrived at the church!

Almost time to tie the knot!

At one point during our ceremony, my uncle snuck out from the church and went out to put several "Just Married" magnets on the car that my parents had ordered. How fun!

Below is when we were arriving at our reception venue, with my brother behind the wheel as our excellent chauffeur. In case you were curious, even a restored '38 Chevy is not exactly easy to drive. There was no such thing as power steering 75 years ago!!

 The next shots are of some of the great details of the car. Our family mechanic did an amazing job restoring the car to its original style and condition! And his son did fabulous work painting many of the small details of the car as they originally were, as you'll see in the pictures below.


Beautiful paint job.

Going into our wedding, we thought it might be fun to mimic one of the pictures of my parents in the '38 Chevy on their wedding day. So we took the picture below...

to resemble this photo below of my parents from 1979.

And then, we put together this side-by-side frame of both pictures as a Christmas gift for them!

(the pic isn't super clear - sorry!)

Needless to say, my parents loved the gift! My mom cried. You know that when your mom cries, it's a successful gift. :)

Thanks for reading the story behind the '38 Chevy! It meant so much to my new husband and me to ride away in it on our wedding day, just like my parents did. Definitely one of the best wedding gifts!

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