Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: Favors Part II (Cookie Cutters & Recipes)

Here we are again with another Wedding Wednesday post! Thanks for sticking with me for this series. I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the details of our wedding as much as I've enjoyed writing about them! :) If you've missed any of my previous posts from this series, you can see them all here.

Today I bring you the long overdue "Part II" post about our wedding favors! My first Wedding Wednesday post several weeks ago was about our homebrewed beer, which was one of our wedding favors.

Of course, if you're a regular blog reader, you know I'm just a liiiiittle bit into baking. ;) So during the course of our engagement, when we were considering what to do for favors, we knew that we wanted at least one component that had to do with baking. The homebrew was our other obvious choice. Beer + Baking = Mike + Colleen! :)

For a little while, I did consider baking cookies as favors for our guests, but in the end, I just didn't want to take that task on, even though I'm sure I could have made it happen! Instead, we thought of the fun idea of giving each of our guests a maple leaf shaped cookie cutter, along with a couple family cookie recipes - one from the mother of the bride and one from the mother of the groom! And in the end, we realized it made sense to incorporate the escort cards (the cards that directed guests to their tables) right along side the recipe cards. It worked out quite well!

My sister was a huge help putting these together a few days before the wedding. We had quite the assembly line going!

After quite a bit of research, the best place I found to buy cookie cutters in bulk (that didn't have a minimum of like 1,000 or something!) was a site called They were wonderful! Great customer service and fast shipping too. I'd highly recommend the site if you ever need to buy a lot of cookie cutters...or even if you don't! When I ordered the maple leaf cookie cutters, I also bought a few other fun cookie cutters for myself. You can order just one of any of their shapes - you're not required to buy a lot! And they have a lot of really unique shapes too.

For the recipe cards, I used Avery index cards that I bought on Amazon. And for the escort cards where we listed our guests' names and their table assignments, we just bought business card stock that happened to have a burgundy border around it that matched our color scheme perfectly. And then I got two different colored ribbons, ivory and burgundy, to tie all the items together. We simply punched a hole in the top right corner of the recipe cards and the escort card, and then we tied the cookie cutter to the cards with the ribbon. And of course, we then curled the ribbon. Gotta have ribbon curls! ;)

This is the escort card table, all alphabetized and ready to go, the day before the wedding. Mike and his dad worked on that job - and they did wonderful work!

Now I realize you may be wondering which two recipes we chose! Well, we decided to go with my mother's sugar cookie recipe and my mother-in-law's molasses cookie recipe. I have previously shared the sugar cookie recipe of my mom on the blog (you can read about these "famous" sugar cookies here!). I have not yet shared the molasses cookie recipe, but I plan to later this week!

I mentioned it in my post about our centerpieces and table names, but each of our tables was assigned the name of a craft brewery instead of a number. You can see that we incorporated beer and baking whenever we could!

See you later in the week for that delicious molasses cookie recipe! Until then, hope you have a great couple days. :)

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