Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Helloooo and welcome back! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

Let's get right down to business here today. I want to share with you a delicious cookie recipe that I made last week..."peanut butter cup" cookies. Yes, you heard me right. Peanut butter cup!! These cookies are totally like the classic Reese's treat but in cookie form. How can you go wrong? Bottom can't. ;-)

An interesting characteristic of these cookies is that they're actually vegan! I did not make them because they're vegan (I made them because they looked deeelicious), but it's an added bonus in case anyone is in search of a yummy vegan cookie recipe!

You can read the recipe here and view pictures below... As you can see, the cookies are called peanut butter pillows on the website where I got the recipe. Although I think that's a very clever name for these treats, I decided to change it up since I think they're so much like peanut butter cups!

A few more essential pieces of information to know about these cookies...  They are SUPER easy to make. Don't let the making of the two doughs fool you, nor the whole "hiding the peanut butter dough ball inside the chocolate dough" thing. It's really incredibly easy. I was a little afraid at first that it wouldn't be an easy process, but it definitely was. The chocolate cookie dough is so easy to work with!!! I thought it would be too sticky and difficult to shape around the peanut butter center. Nope. I was wrong. :-D It's also a very quick recipe to make. You can have tasty cookies in no time! Also, the recipe calls for non-dairy milk. I used almond milk because I actually had it on hand (the Almond Breeze brand). I would guess that you could use regular milk though (so long as you're not actually trying to make these vegan!). Lastly, the recipe calls for natural peanut butter. I used "regular" peanut butter (Peter Pan brand to be exact), so it doesn't necessarily have to be all-natural.

And finally, the other bit of information I wanted to share is that you should go make these right now. Go go go!!! Right now! You must! You'll be glad you did. ;-)


  1. Can I use regular store brand peanut butter (cause I have it in my closet) or should I get natural peanut butter?

  2. yes, definitely Mary! I forgot to mention that. I just edited the blog post to answer your question :) thanks for catching that!

  3. this looks soooooo yum!
    thanks for sharing :)
    love this, love you! .meg