Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cooking Light Pumpkin Bread

I'm back with another autumn recipe for you! As I mentioned in my last post, next up we have pumpkin bread. I just looove anything with pumpkin. I do think it's my favorite fall ingredient of all time...

I followed a recipe that I've used several times in the past...a recipe from Cooking Light! I always feel better about eating the baked goods I make if I know they're on the low-cal side and better for you than most other recipes out there. "No guilt" (or "less guilt") recipes are the best! 

Here is the recipe I followed. However, you must know that I was feeling a bit lazy when I made the bread this time around, and I completely skipped the streusel topping. Typically I do love the streusel on top, but I just wasn't feeling it this time! The great thing though is that the bread recipe itself is so delicious on its own, that you won't even miss the streusel. ;-)

The ALL important star of the show, pumpkin!

Time to combine the wet and dry ingredients...


I decided to make half the batch plain pumpkin and half with semi-sweet chocolate chips... Mmmm. Pumpkin and chocolate is really a great combination. You should try it if you haven't yet! Another tasty ingredient to add would be cranberries.

Ready for the oven.

This batch made two bigger loaves and one small one, as you can see!

This bread is very moist, in case you're wondering. I really don't like dry quick breads...don't worry, this recipe doesn't make dry bread at all!

Here's a piece that I test tasted from the small chocolate chip loaf just to be sure the other loaves would be okay to share with others. They were! ;-) I wonder what my next fall-themed recipe will be. Stay tuned!

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  1. Looks yummie!!!!! I think I may have to use that one!!