Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Lately I have been doing everything but blogging! Luckily though, I've been keeping track of the foods I've made and loved so that I can still share them with you. You gotta love Pinterest! I have a "I Pinned it...AND, I Did it!" board, where I put all new recipes that I've made, usually with some quick notes about how I liked them, how I altered them, etc. So I thought it would be fun today to share a few recent recipes that I've made and really enjoyed (and kept track of through Pinterest).

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Yum! I brought these muffins to work for an occasion with coworkers, and everyone loved them. They would be a great addition to any brunch. I found poppy seeds in the bulk section at Whole Foods (I had never purchased poppy seeds before!). Because I needed so few, they cost next to nothing. Just thought I'd share that little tip in case you've never bought poppy seeds either. ;)

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With summer just around the corner, you'll probably be needing recipes to bring to family and friends' bbq's, and you'll be looking for easy recipes that don't require turning on the stove or oven. This salad serves both of those purposes! It's healthy, refreshing, and a breeze to put together. I did change the recipe slightly though by adding toasted pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds and by adding about one half cup of craisins (not called for in the original recipe). Also, I changed the dressing recipe by using plain greek yogurt instead of mayo.

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I loved these cookies. They were soft and chewy, which I love, and the toasted oats add a nice nutty flavor. And really, can you ever go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie? I don't think so. :)

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A great alternative to mashed potatoes, this mashed cauliflower recipe was a fun new dish to try. Mike and I both really liked it! Maybe you could even fool your kids into thinking they're potatoes. ;) The recipe calls for sour cream, but I didn't have any on hand, so I used plain greek yogurt instead, which worked great. And also, I added some feta cheese (not called for in the original recipe), and that was a great addition for some extra flavor!

What are some of your favorite recipes you've made lately? Fill me in on anything amazing that I should try to! :)

Happy June! Hope to be back on the blog again soon.

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