Thursday, July 19, 2012

Treat Thursday: Things I Am Loving

Hi there friends!

Perhaps you've noticed, but I've been a bit of a slacker with the blog these past few weeks... I've really only been posting about twice a week. Whoops! This pretty much has to do with two things: 1) being busy as a bee these days! and 2) it has been SO hot. So, I haven't felt like turning on the oven and baking like I normally would! Excuses, excuses, right?! I'm not quite as dedicated as some bloggers I guess. There have been a few meals that I've made that I've considered blogging about, but to be completely honest, I just haven't felt like snapping photos and writing about them. So due to my lack of delicious recipes to share with you this week, I'll be substituting with another Treat Thursday post and sharing with you a few of my current, favorite things (er, "treats")! :)

1) Fresh, local, organic veggies (and sometimes fruits!) from our CSA

We have been receiving so many awesome veggies from our CSA with Buckle Farm this year. I am in love with summer veggies!! I am so thankful we have access to such great, healthy veggies on a regular basis.

2) New uses for old things (specifically, little jars!)

I love finding new uses for old things. One item in particular lately that I've been saving to reuse is glass jars of all shapes and sizes. A couple examples...

Using an old jam jar for almonds!

Or for salad dressing to bring to work! I am certain that I took a picture of the little jar I use for salad dressing at work, but I can't find the pic... Sorry! But seriously, tiny little jam jars are perfect for salad dressing.

3) Peanut butter & banana "in a blanket"

As an easy breakfast, lately I've been on a kick of spreading some peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap, placing a banana on the wrap, and rolling it up in a "blanket"! So yummy and easy!

4) Peanut butter iced coffee!

I hope to have this recipe on the blog at some point. It is so simple and so delicious! It's the perfect iced coffee drink for the hot summer days we've been having...

And that concludes this edition of Treat Thursday. :)

Okay, I lied. I'm not done yet. Although this little guy doesn't totally fit in with the Treat Thursday theme, I can't help but share this adorable picture of Mike's cat, Whiskey. How cute is he?!? Love him. This has been his almost permanent pose during the multiple heat waves we've had this summer!

And also, I can't forget to mention that today, July 19th, is my dad's birthday!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day, Dad!!! :)

This is my sister Melissa (on left), me (on right; what is up with my hair cut?!?), and my dad and little brother, Patrick, after Patrick was born in 1987!! Awwwww.

Love you, Dad!

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